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Joined: 2009/3/2
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Posted on: 2009/3/3 0:19

Gtk problem on startup
Hello, new to YamiPod and like what I've seen so far a lot. Looks like a very promising program.

Starting it up in Xubuntu 8.10 Intrepid, I've encountered two problems.

1 - Startup goes ahead but returns the following message when I start it from the Terminal:
(YamiPod:8697): Gtk-CRITICAL **: _gtk_accel_group_attach: assertion `g_slist_find (accel_group->acceleratables, object) == NULL' failed

2 - Later, when configuring YamiPod to recognize my Classic 120GB, the process gets stuck after I enter my FWID. The "OK" button doesn't respond, so I can't proceed.

I wonder if there are some dependencies or system requirements I'm not aware of? In order to run YamiPod, I had to install an older C++ library.

Might be useful to have a 'requirements' section on the website for dependencies and hardware minimums.

Good work so far on YamiPod. Please do let me know if there's some easy way to resolve the issues I've had.


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