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     08/21/2005 Feature Request - Removing Duplicates
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Posted on: 2005/8/21 21:28

08/21/2005 Feature Request - Removing Duplicates
Great app! Suggestions:

SUGGESTION 1: When removing duplicate songs, can you add the option to put a checkmark next to each song every group of duplicated songs? Here's why I am requesting this feature:

My entire song library got duplicated one time when I was working on it, and I wanted to try using Yamipod to remove the duplicates. When I opened the "Remove Duplicates" window, each duplicated song was listed, but I had to go through and manually place a checkmark next to each song I wanted removed (I had over 300 pairs of duplicate songs).

Would there be a way you could add an option to the interface at the bottom of the window that says "Select all duplicates?" and then have it scan through the list, putting a checkmark in front of each duplicate other than the first one in each group of duplicate songs?

SUGGESTION 2: Can you make the "Remove Duplicates" window resizable? Not a big deal, but it would be nice to be able to resize the window if needed so you could see more or less of your list.

Thanks much for providing this great app/utility!

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Posted on: 2005/8/21 21:50

Re: 08/21/2005 Feature Request - Removing Duplicates
SUGGESTION 1: right click on the duplicate list, there you'll find the select all option.

SUGGESTION 2: added to 0.83.


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