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     iPod 4G nano FWID problem in Linux
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Posted on: 2009/1/15 1:18

iPod 4G nano FWID problem in Linux
So I run Ubuntu 8.04 and I installed YamiPod according to the installation guide. I formatted my iPod using iTunes 8 on a Mac and put a song on it so I could use it with Linux.

I plugged the iPod in and turned on YamiPod 1.8. First it says there is an error in a third party plugin and there will be no audio available, which isn't a big deal.

So I click OK and it asks me to select my iPod generation. I select iPod nano 4G and am prompted for an FWID.

Using the "sudo lsusb -v | grep -i Serial" command I find it and type it in. After I type it the OK button stops being greyed out and becomes clickable however when I click on it nothing happens. I can click on it again and again and it won't do anything.


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Posted on: 2009/1/16 21:31

Re: iPod 4G nano FWID problem in Linux
Mac formatted iPods are usually not writable under linux. It's a better idea to try to win format it (FAT32), then add one song with iTunes as stated in docs.


Posted on: 2009/11/12 20:53

Re: iPod 4G nano FWID problem in Linux
I am also having the same problem.
I have an Ipod Photo, and it's formatted Fat32.
I have copied the files as per the instructions, but when I double click in Ubuntu, nothing happens.

Any ideas?
Posted on: 2010/1/11 13:40

Re: iPod 4G nano FWID problem in Linux
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