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Posted on: 2009/1/5 20:19

IPOD Video erased
I used Yamipod to delete duplicate songs. I deleted the duplicates, but now there is nothing on my IPOD except photos. Movies and music are gone! Help! Did I skip a step at the end? There isn't a step on the how-to document.


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Posted on: 2009/1/6 3:01

Re: IPOD Video erased
You've probably selected a wrong iPod generation upon first startup.

Read the repair section here:



Posted on: 2009/1/8 6:02

Re: IPOD Video erased
I did that and now it is even worse. This totally sucks. Before I could see the music on the computer in the Yamipod menu. Now there is nothing but a warning screen when I open Yamipod with the Ipod plugged in. It says some Itunes song is too long.

This is absolutely amazingly frustrating.

If there is anyway to get back what I had, that would be great. Ican't find steps to that on your website. I have looked.

Your program has deleted 6000 songs and 40 movies. Hundreds of dollars of music. Please help me.

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