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Posted on: 2009/1/2 3:12

FWID not recognised
I have successfully connected songs from a 4G nano to itunes on a new PC and seems to be up and running.

When I connect another nano (3G) it asks for the FWID and is not happy with the number provided from the device manager - it gives a scary message about not being safe to continue.

I am trying to get some playlists created, but this is a blockage.

I am starting to regret making a donation for this software - can someone confirm whether there is a place I should look for an alternative FWID number or if this message can be igored?

Should the FWID number include the &0 on the end - I have 18 characters including this. I have tried both ways though and neither the first or last 16 characters seem to work.

Thanks a million - I might ned to follow up with a question about getting a donation refunded if this can't be sorted...


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