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     Never use Yamipod!!
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Posted on: 2008/12/25 17:47

Never use Yamipod!!
I downloaded Yamipod and at first it worked fine. But when in tried to listen music, everything was gone. Also my Ipod Classic crashed and i tried to reinstall the ipod software but that failed. So nobody should EVER use Yamipod again!!
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2008/12/29 14:49

Re: Never use Yamipod!!
I used it to delete duplicates,which was very useful, but going back to the original PC it was synced from I found it reported problems and had to restore the ipod to factory settings which of course erases it. You then have to resync etc.

This is with latest itunes and ipod classic software loaded.

There seems to be a problem when trying to use the ipod with legitimate itunes software after any changes are made, ie delete or add tracks etc.


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Posted on: 2009/1/1 23:12

Re: Never use Yamipod!!
New version of YamiPod (1.8) should work with new nano 4G and latest classics.


Posted on: 2009/1/14 8:21

Re: Never use Yamipod!!
it does not work on my mac os x 10.5.6 (intel) machine. i have a pink ipod nano 4g, both my computer and ipod are in swedish.
ive suffered the same problem as mentioned above, my music seems to be gone. however just reconnecting it to my svn-build of gtkpod did the trick for me.
but excpet for the whole loosing-the-music-thing i think its a great prog. cant wait for the next update in which i hope the nano support is fixed!
dunno if you use it but the libgpod svn-build>2008-11-30 works fine with (at least my) nano 4g.

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