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     Play songs in order without playlist?
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Posted on: 2008/12/1 20:42

Play songs in order without playlist?
I've been using Podplayer for awhile but it finally stopped working and it doesn't look like they will be fixing it soon. So I started searching for other options and came across YamiPod. I like what I've seen so far but have a few questions?

1. I use the software at work and don't care about creating a playlist. Is it possible to tell it to just start playing and go down the list of songs on the IPOD? (I did this with podplayer and just skipped to the next song if I didn't want to hear one)

2. I tell it not to show Movies and Podcasts, yet they still show up, in PodPlayer this wasn't a problem as they would just get skipped over, is there anyway to Filter, or hide them from the list?


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