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Posted on: 2008/11/27 8:22

Ratings - You CAN transfer them with yamipod
I posted this in the General Discussion forum, but there seems to be a very blurred line between the two forums so I'll post it here too:

If you want to transfer your ratings on your iPod to somewhere else, namely iTunes - there IS a way to do it.
Really this is just another simple work around I 'figured out' which I wouldn't be surprised to find out someone else thought of too, but again, I couldn't find it so I thought I'd share. Anyways....

Short version: Sort your songs in yamipod by Ratings and make a playlist for each star-level.

Step-by-Step version:
How to transfer your ratings:
- Open up yamipod with your iPod connected.
- Open 'Preferences' under the 'Tools' menu and go to the 'Columns' tab.
- Make sure the 'Ratings' check-box is selected and Save your settings.
- Sort your entire song list by the 'Ratings' column by clicking on it. (Make sure you are looking at all your songs and you don't have a specific Artist, Album, or Playlist selected)
- Now simply select all the songs with 5 stars, right-click and select 'Add to playlist...' and add them to a new playlist called '5 stars' or whatever. Repeat this step for each of the star-levels (4 stars, 3 stars ...etc.)
- Finally, export those playlists and drag-and-drop them into iTunes like you would any other playlist. Once in iTunes, select the playlist so you see all the songs in it, select-all the songs, then right click and set the appropriate rating. You can set the rating for an entire selection with just one click.
- Tada!

Simple, but effective. Hope that helps someone.

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