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     Help - music disappeared from ipod
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2008/10/7
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Posted on: 2008/10/7 14:57

Help - music disappeared from ipod
Hello webmaster and everyone,

I'm sorry I come once again into this forum with a question that has been asked several times, but what should I do, pragmatically speaking to get the music back into my ipod after they have disapeared when i connected yamipod with the ipod?

Apparently it seems that i can do something through winamp, but what exactly and most important how?

If you do have any other suggestion besides winamp, more than happy to hear it.

thanx in advance
Posted on: 2008/11/5 17:27

Re: Help - music disappeared from ipod
I am also in the same deep shit.
Will someone help please.
After I copied some songs from my Ipod and ejected it.
I couldnt find any song on my iPod.
Posted on: 2008/11/5 18:35

Re: Help - music disappeared from ipod
Well I think I now know the solution.

First of all, check to be sure you can view hidden folders if not. go to tools-->Folder Options, select the view tab and select the radio button "show hidden files".
Go to your ipod in my computer(in my case G:), you should see a folder iPod_Control,enter the folder, you should see another folder yamipod, enter the folder and copy a file named iTunesDB.
go back to [yourIpod]:/iPod_Control/iTunes and paste the file iTunesDB. it should ask if you want to replace yes.
After you eject it I guess your Ipod should work fine.

This is the cause of the problem...after yamipod works on ur ipod it updates the iTunesDB to one not recognized by your iPod and iTunes.

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