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     still can't fix "firmware unsupported"
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2008/9/29
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Posted on: 2008/9/30 1:36

still can't fix "firmware unsupported"
30GB Ipod 5th Gen and 80GB Ipod 5th Gen
I had Yamipod working on the 30GB Ipod before but now when connecting either Ipod, I get the dreaded "firmware unsupported" message on each. This is after running iTunes once each time as recommended in another thread.
Any further suggestions for this? I'd love to get it working.
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2009/1/2
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Posted on: 2009/1/2 7:39

Re: still can't fix "firmware unsupported"
try accessing your ipod with itunes then retry yami - this worked for me

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