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     "Error: in ipod folder structure2, quitting"
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Posted on: 2008/6/30 1:48

"Error: in ipod folder structure2, quitting"
Hi i'm from italy and i don't speak/write english very well...
So... i have my ipod nano 4gb out-of-box connected at my pc.... but on my pc is running windows 2000 and there isn't itunes' version compatible either with windows 2000 and with my ipod nano.... i have since a year installed itunes on my computer because first i have used my brother's ipod... but itunes says me that i need the 7.6 version but for windows 2000 there's only 7.3 ... so i have download but when i have launched it, it has asked me what ipod's version i have and after it has said "Error: in ipod folder structure2, quitting".....
What i have to do?
please help me...

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