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     YamiPod will not recognize my new shuffle
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Posted on: 2008/6/17 0:23

YamiPod will not recognize my new shuffle
Just got brand new shuffle...on my work computer so it is locked down...can't load itunes or any other software.

Trying to use YamiPod, but it says "Please plug in your ipod to continue". Have tried all usb ports and a different machine...all the same.

I've tried reading through the other posts here in reference to this particular error, but I'm confused by the answers/suggestions.

Do I have to format this device before using it?
Do I have to have iTunes to set up the device for the first time?
Does at least 1 song have to be loaded on it b4 I can use YamiPod?

The pc is recognizing the iPod...brings up drive E when I plug it in.

Having never used an iPod before, I am starting off behind the curve.

The setup instructions start with 'download itunes', then get music, then follow the setup assistant.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Posted on: 2008/6/20 21:02

Re: YamiPod will not recognize my new shuffle
I had the same problem, itunes worked fine with my ipod, but it couldn't handle my mp3 collection.


unplug device, start yamipod
tools repair
caused by other software

and then it worked for me.
Posted on: 2008/8/14 23:38

Re: YamiPod will not recognize my new shuffle
You need to first install iTunes before yami will recognise your new shuffle

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