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     Yamipod Wiped all data?
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Posted on: 2008/6/14 15:15

Yamipod Wiped all data?

I've been using yamipod for years with my 3G ipod, and never had any problems. Until now...a friend from overseas visited yesterday on teh first leg of his European tour, with his new 160gb video ipod - he asked if there was any way to back up his music before travelling. Liek a good friend I recommended yamipod, we backed up his music and he got on a flight to Befrlin. Just had a text from him saying teh ipod is wiped - obviiusly it's not but is there a way of retrieving his database without access to a computer, or with internet cafe access only?

p.s. I's using yamipod 1.7

Thanks in advance, I have a verry pee'd off friend


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Posted on: 2008/6/15 2:17

Re: Yamipod Wiped all data?

Read carefully, should help.


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