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     Yamipod Error - '[song name]' not found!
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Posted on: 2008/3/24 4:08

Yamipod Error - '[song name]' not found!
I've been using Real Player to transfer songs to my iPod, but I decided to give Yamipod a try. I can't use iTunes at all because my computer doesn't have a new enough OS.

When I first open up Yamipod, the songs that are already on my iPod show up, so at first glance everything seemed to be fine. But when I try to play a song (any song) by double-clicking it, an error message pops up that says the song is not found!

I also tried dragging and dropping in some tracks from my computer. It seemed to work, but each track appeared to be listed twice in Yamipod, and I had the same playback problem ([song name] not found).

Any idea what might be going on? Thanks!

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