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Posted on: 2005/7/21 18:27

Itunes error
Everytime I synchronize I get the following error:

Itunes error
Playlist length mshd

I am using:

Ipod 60GB 5G with iTues 4.9

What can i do? Tried repairing of coures but it did not help

Joined: 2005/1/18
Posts: 793

Posted on: 2005/7/21 20:13

Re: Itunes error
Which YamiPod version are you using?

Posted on: 2005/7/21 20:47

Re: Itunes error
I use version 0.81
Posted on: 2005/7/21 20:51

Re: Itunes error
oops sorry, just saw that I need to use the beta version for Itunes 4.0. I apologize.

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