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     Yamipod Crashing when Transferring a song!
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2008/1/23
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Posted on: 2008/1/23 7:14

Yamipod Crashing when Transferring a song!
Hello I dont know wot happens....

Today I tried to transfer a disc I ripped on my pc
the songs are regular .mp3 @ 128kbps songs (normal)

I have been using the following programs to sync my ipod 80gb video: Yamipod (music) and Wondershare video to ipod (video) and have never had any problem with it

My computer is an AMD Athlon(tm) 64x2 Dual Core 5200 2.60GHZ with 2 GB Ram DDr2 should be enough just to transfer a song :P

Have windows media player 10 and quicktime idk which version but its the latest

everything wos ok until now, everythime that I try to transfer a song it crashes Idk wtf is wrong, I dont have any problem exporting any song, arranging anythingm everything works fine but the basic :P

I really need help I have checked everything in my computer to see if I could solve the problem I have never had windows updates on so thats not a problem I have never used Itunes for my ipod so thats not a valid reason and my antivirus aint blocking it :P

have checked all usb ports and everything is ok memory is in good standing and the OS is not causing me any problem, I deleted the exe for yamipod and downloaded it again I do have the last version so i dont know...

any sugestions? I would really apreciate..


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