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     Runtime Error 4: Failed Assertion
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2007/12/28
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Posted on: 2007/12/28 17:22

Runtime Error 4: Failed Assertion
I'm running sidux based on Debian sid ...
I get this error message when I click the binary..
Also the lib I placed in to /usr/lib directory...

What do I do to get the sound to work as the app works but the sound in the app ir all greyed out..?


Runtime Error 4: Failed Assertion
Press OK to Continue
Press Cancel to Quit.

Please report what caused this error
along with the information below.

../Common/Linux/GStreamerMediaPlayer.cpp: 202
Failure Condition: mVideoSink

FMEx error: you've probably not copied to /usr/lib.
See online documentation at

No audio will be available!

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