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     Crashing in WinXP SP2
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Posted on: 2007/12/28 9:35

Crashing in WinXP SP2
Good morning all,

I've been looking for a non-iTunes package for managing music on my 1g nano. Have been using ephpod for a while, but recently had issues with it bricking my nano.

Now that it's recovered, I found Yamipod to try. Unfortunately, every time I try to load music to the nano, YP crashes. Nothing gets copied and the device works fine after that.

I am using Media Monkey as well, but would prefer to get Yamipod working if possible.

Running WiXP with SP2, iTunes is not installed on this computer.


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Posted on: 2007/12/28 12:17

Re: Crashing in WinXP SP2
YamiPod doesn't like the way Mediamonkey writes the iPod database. Most probably that's the problem.

Running iTunes once before using YamiPod fixes the Mediamonkey db problem.


Posted on: 2007/12/28 17:16

Re: Crashing in WinXP SP2
Okay. Thing is that I did not try MM until after Yamipod was crashing. Are there any ohter known DB issues with other non-iTunes programs? Ephpod?
Posted on: 2007/12/28 17:38

Re: Crashing in WinXP SP2
Not sure then, I tried just connecting to iTunes and then Yamipod worked again.

One other question that I did not see in the docs files. Is there a way to skip the dialog box for each file copied to the ipod?

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