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Posted on: 2007/12/16 14:10

synchronize ipod
Hello to all,

I copied some songs via drop & drag in yamipod but when I disconnect my ipod, there is no music in it. What can I do?
Posted on: 2007/12/30 14:58

Re: synchronize ipod
use iTunes it is unfortunatelly the only one good working software. Apple is like Micro$oft.

Yamipod was my last chance for my iPod nano 3g but it sucks. As always with free unofficial soft..
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2008/1/4 17:33

Re: synchronize ipod
... I had the same prob.
adding some songs to my ipod it is a new nano 8gb (already filled with almost 3gb using itunes)when disconected there was nothing on the ipod
I had to re-initialize it with itunes (56miutes
Does somebody know wath was the cause of that tragedy???
Posted on: 2008/1/15 6:43

Re: synchronize ipod
There is a problem with the way yamipod encodes the music files.. if you look at the name of the file you will see that when itunes puts it in the ipod the filename is something like AAHT or OHHF or FFHJ and when yamipod puts it in it has the real names of the file... so the ipod doesnt recognise the filename...

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