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     error: mhlt
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2007/12/12
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Posted on: 2007/12/12 16:05

error: mhlt

I am new to Yamipod with a 160GB Classic, WinXP laptop, and the latest yamipod version (downloaded last week).

Everything was going well until last night, when, after being unable to get Yamipod to play more than one song at a time, went out to try another iPod Manager (iPod Access for Windows).

But all I did in it is try the player, which was equally unsatisfactory. I did not do any updates or songs additions in there.

I then tried WinAmp, which finally made me happy with regards to song playing. The only changes I made in there was to rename my iPod - again no songs adding in WinAmp.

After that I had concluded that I would use yamipod to manage/add songs to my iPod, and WinAmp to play songs from my iPod (and build playlists).

But when I went back to yamipod, I get this error now, and yamipod refuses to continue. It says:

error: mhlt

Refer to documentation or forum for more information. <>.

When I then click on the "Quit" button, another pop-up message appears:

iPod unsafely disconnected. Please run YamiPod again with iPod connected.

Of course, when I obey the instructions, the exact same thing happens.

Please help! I want to add more songs to this monster - it's only about a quarter full with almost 4000 songs.

Thanks in advance,

Joined: 2005/1/18
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Posted on: 2007/12/13 16:00

Re: error: mhlt
YamiPod is not compatible with Winamp, that might be the problem. You should run iTunes once.


(Just popping in)

Joined: 2009/9/19
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Posted on: 2009/9/19 18:11

Re: error: mhlt

i am using yamipod from 31 dec 2007 in my 2 GB ipod. but from a yesterday i get an info when i connect my ipod to my laptop as error : mhlt and look into documentation or forum.
due to this i cant use my ipod.
please suggest remedy.

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