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Posted on: 2007/11/2 20:01

A Question re: iPod Classic
On first use, after ejecting the iPod manually, the database showed no songs, though obviously they were still there, since the drive was not empty. iTunes likewise showed nothing, although it did not show the iPod as corrupted. I went back into YamiPod and it showed all of my songs, and apparently nothing in need of repair. After ejecting again, everything was fine, and all my songs and artwork were back. Strange.

By the way, I am using an 80 GB silver classic with 1.0.2, autoload of iTunes is disabled, and hard disk use and manual management are enabled.

Like all Classic users, the hang time in iTunes is a major annoyance, and I thank all of you for your hard work in helping us out.

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Posted on: 2007/11/2 22:36

Re: A Question re: iPod Classic
use beta version 1.7b3.


Posted on: 2007/11/2 23:48

Re: A Question re: iPod Classic
I have been using the beta. Could this have anything to do with the fact that I deleted iTunesLock? I have experimented with J. River and WinAmp before, but did not stick with them due to issues with either with having to erase my entire database in order not to have my video wiped out (J. River), or issues with losing my cover art (Winamp).

Fortunately, I am not actually losing my database with this error. It just needs to be asked by Yamipod to repair the database. After Yamipod says everything is OK, the next time I eject, my database is restored, both in the iPod and in iTunes, including correct playcount stats.

Not perfect, but still the best thing anyone has done for the classic. Thank you.

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