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     Ipod Classic > all songs are now gone!
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Posted on: 2007/10/25 17:41

Ipod Classic > all songs are now gone!
I have a new 160GB ipod classic with 2300+ files on it. Latest updates, latest iTunes, latest Yamipod. I'm on a mac, but my iPod is formatted for windows. I've never had problems copying to the ipod like this, as the windows format is the only one that works on both. I used Yami to copy one album of music (30mb) to my computer. I closed Yami and opened iTunes, and it can't read anything on my iPod now and wants to do a factory restore on it. The standalone iPod will not recognize any files either. Yamipod still does though and I am currently copying everything to my HD so I can put it back on with iTunes.

Why is yami changing files on the iPod when I'm only copying stuff from it? Whatever changed in the iPod's DB file should not have.

Just reporting a bug, and I'll keep checking back to see when it's fixed.
Posted on: 2007/10/25 18:42

Re: Ipod Classic > all songs are now gone!
So I managed to get all my music and movies back on the ipod, but all the tv shows are gone. It looks like Yami doesn't recognize videos with the tv show tag.
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2007/11/3 17:29

Re: Ipod Classic > all songs are now gone!
How did you do that? How did you get your songs to show up after you disconneted? When I use v1.7b3 with my 80GB IPOD, Yami seems to be working, and I can create playlists, but I have no idea how to make sure I am looking at my IPOD, or not. If I am supposedly lookng at my IPOD when Yamipod is up, it is telling me I have songs that I can not see, when I disconnect and want to play them from IPOD.
This shouldn't be this hard. Where are the Yamipod techs on the forum?

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