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Joined: 2007/10/2
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Posted on: 2007/10/3 17:47

How I got it to work
I had been using my ipod on my windows and OSX machine for some time. I decided to give yamipod a try on my ubuntu 6.06.Right off the bat I got an unhandled exception when the program tried to start : 'Something unexpected has happenned...blah blah' . I found this a bit odd as rythmbox could read the contents of my ipod okay.

I erased my ipod contents, re-initialized the firm ware and hooked it up to itunes running on Windows. All was well.

I hooked up my ipod to Ubuntu and got a different error this time. This error message was criptic but covered in the forums.[most likely ipod db was not properly initialized as the ipod did not yet contain any mp3s]

I re-hooked my ipod up to my windows machine and added a Dandy Warhols mp3. I hooked back up to Ubuntu and the software finally worked.

You think I would be happy at this point? I was not overly impressed with the software and will most likely go back to ITunes [which I do not like].


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