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     error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
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(Just popping in)

Joined: 2007/9/13
Posts: 1

Posted on: 2007/9/13 2:51

error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
i uploaded some songs on my ipod and after quitting yamipod my ipod seemed to be clear(without any song!)
Error< see headline >
Under about i can see that my whole stuff is on it.. so is there any way 2 fix that problem, because i m far away of my real itunes libery ( other country) and my music stuff is focused there.

thx 4 help
regards arx
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2007/10/1
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Posted on: 2007/10/1 22:15

Re: error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
i got the very same problem
i was cleaning up my playlists when yamipod quit unexpectedly, and when i tried to switch it on i saw error message:
Error: iTunes Lenght (song mhsd)
i can't switch it neither to iTunes nor to yamipod and my ipod seems to be cleared
i have no idea what to do about it and i'm terrified by the possibility all my songs can be gone

does anyone experienced same situation and managed to solve the problem?
thanks for any help
Posted on: 2007/10/8 20:13

Re: error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
I got the same problem as well. All the music on my iPod is gone though the videos and pictures remain. I don't have an iTunes library so I just lost 25GB of music.

PLEASE, if someone knows how to fix this problem and restore the music, let me know. If not, does anyone want to purchase a good-as-new black 30GB video iPod?

Posted on: 2007/11/12 10:11

Re: error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
I had the same problem and seemed to fix it but try this at your own peril. I went to C: drive found my ipod (F:) then clicked on it until I had the files photos, calendar etc. You then need to go to tools on the navigation bar, find folder options and click view and click on the show hidden folders. I then found a file called ipod control. Click on that and you will see numerous files including one called yamipod. click on this file and find a file called ITUNESDB copy this file and exit and click on the file in ipod controller that is called itunes copy and paste the itunes DB into here ( WARNING: This will only work if you will notice that there is already a folder here called itunesDB the difference between the two is the one from Yamipod should have x amount of kilobytes but the one in itunes should be empty) I then copied the file into here and disconnected the ipod properly and it worked!!!
Posted on: 2008/5/21 22:06

Re: error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
I just wanted to clarify the fix for the "song mhsd" error. I did what benedict suggested, but its kind of hard to understand his post...

After using Yamipod, my iPod said there was no music on it. In reality, there is 50+ gigs. <sweat></sweat> I assumed it was something with Yamipod and the database. First, I tried iTunes, but it said that it couldn't read the content of the iPod and wanted to resore. I started Yamipod again, and got the "song mhsd" error. I searched on the error and found this thread.

80gb Ipod Classic, Itunes, Yamipod 1.7

1. On your pc, create a folder that you will remember for backing up some files, and then 2 folders under it (ex: Main folder: "Ipod Backups", Sub Folders: "Itunes" & "Yamipod").

2. Explore to your ipod in windows explorer. Should be something like "My Ipod (G:)". In that folder, you should see (turn on viewing of hidden folders) a hidden folder called "ipod_control".

3. Under "ipod_control", browse to the "Yamipod" folder. Copy the file "ITUNESDB" to the folder you created earlier ("Yamipod").

4. Under "ipod_control", browse to the "Itunes" folder. Copy the file "ITUNESDB" to the folder you created earlier ("Itunes").

5. Now overwrite (copy and paste) the "ITUNESDB" file from the "Yamipod" folder to the "Itunes" folder on the Ipod from the Ipod or your backup files.


Started Itunes, and everything was fine. Started Yamipod and everything was fine. I think I might of lost a couple of playlist entries from a "On The Go" playlist, but thats it.

If this didn't work, we backed up the files. Restore the original ones and try something else. Sorry.
Posted on: 2008/7/18 2:15

Re: error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
i have the same problem but i didnt back up my ipod before so any1 know a way to fix it pls
Posted on: 2008/8/4 2:25

Re: error: iTunes length (song mhsd)
i followed all the instructions, yet nothing's changed. can't help it, ipod/apple/probably yamipod seems like total shit to me... also lost about 40gb of music. any more suggestions?
(Just popping in)

Joined: 2010/1/29
Posts: 1

Posted on: 2010/1/29 2:58

ipod hacklemek.error: iTunes length (song mhsd) hatası cozumu
arkadaslar bu programı gercekten ıse yarıyor.
internette kullanımı we indirmesıde war onu anlatmıcam ama kullandıgınızda cıkabılcek ılk sournu yasadım we cozdum bunu paylasmaıda gorev bılıyorum.
ewet ingilizcesi burda war ama bnm gibi kullancılar anlamıo anlayana cevirmek zorunda kalıo
gelelım soruna yamipod programı ıle ipodumdan pcme muzik attım sonra icindekı muzikleri guncelledım yani yeni muzikler attım.pcden ayırıp ipodumu actıgımda ıse butun muzıklerım yok olmustu.içi dolu gozukuoyordu ama dinleyemıyordum.tekrar pcye taktım.yamipodla baglanmaya calstıgımda error: iTunes length (song mhsd) iletisini aldım.
şimdi gelelım cozume...
ipodu pcye baglayın bilgisayarıma girin normal harddisk gibi gorcektir F:(fatih'S) diye girin içindeyken araçlar klasor seçenekleri gorunum ordan gizli dosyaları goster uygula tamam sayfaya dondumuzde ipod_control girin yamipod klasorunu gorceksınız gırın
itunesDB dosyasını kopyalayıp ipod_control dosyasındaki itunes dosyasının içine kopyalayın işlemimiz bu kadar:D

aptal apple fırması korsana hayır diye bizi dusurdugu durama bak...o kadarda para werioz ib.eler

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