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     Unable to Play Music Within YamIpod
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Posted on: 2007/9/12 4:53

Unable to Play Music Within YamIpod
I am currently using Ubuntu (a linux based program) and have installed YamiPod. YamiPod recognized my ipod and displays all my song. However, it will not play the songs. It displays this error:

"FMOD error: Unsupported file or audio format. (JZXS.m4a)"

After clicking okay, another window popped up reading,

"Something unexpected happened. Refer to online documentation or report in forum.

Sub MainWindow.MainWindow.EnqueueSelected( MainWindow.MainWindow )
Sub MainWindow.MainWindow.ListPlaylist_myContextualMenuAction( MainWindow.MainWindow, MenuItem )
Function yListbox.Event_MouseDown( int32, int32 ) as boolean"

I apologize in advance if this has already been addressed, I have looked however.

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