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Posted on: 2005/6/6 18:10

I used principally mlipod (with Winamp 5 ), but i tryed some programs same sharepod. Currently, I altern between iTunes and mlipod, and it works well.

I had had other strange things with my ipod (just for ideas ...): Apple updater (most recently) didn't recognize my ipod (I couldn't format it) and I couldn't use ipod with iTunes !!! I had to use mlipod but the playlist function didn't (and don't) work ... Yamipod worked sometimes (it seems to works better when the file is on the HD and not on the Ipod's HD) Can this probs have links? A conflict between what and what? I don't know...

Ok, sorry for my long time answer , and my "very" bad english lol I hope you will understand! lol


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