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     Yamipod steals focus while I am typing!
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Posted on: 2007/6/18 12:11

Yamipod steals focus while I am typing!
Ok. I've looked through the forums so far.. and haven't SEEN anything about this - though I admit I could have missed it - but I have a problem with Yamipod so far..

Every time it changes song... it 'steals focus' in windowns and I find myself half way through a post or a conversation in an instant messenger and POOF!!! My typing is no longer going anywhere!

The popup windows for song changes WOULD be really cool IF they didn't automatically steal the focus in windows and leave me typing into a void.

Is there some way I can shut this off... have I missed a setting or is there a trick to doing this that I could know? it becomes MORE irritating as time goes on... so if there is no workaround for it at the moment let me please submit it as a ' bug fix ' for the next version... PLEASE!!!!!

Thanks for your time.... ( It did it once already while I tried to type this message out *sigh* )

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