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     yamipod already running error
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Posted on: 2007/6/17 16:12

yamipod already running error
hi, when i try to start yamipod it gives me this error:

yamipod already running
yamipod cannot be running at the same time.
close one or quit

the thing is: nothing is running at the same time! i don't understand what is trying to tell me, and another bizarre thing is that it doesn't recognise the ipod even if it's plugged

what can i do?

thanks for your help
Posted on: 2007/6/27 23:32

Re: yamipod already running error
The same thing happens to me!
Does anybody have the solution?!
Posted on: 2007/9/21 20:24

Re: yamipod already running error
Same problem here with one of my macs. I am using itunes 7.4.2 and mac os X.4.10 on the one with this problem.

My ibook (Mac OS X.3.9), also with itunes 7.4.2 works fine.

On both computers I run Yamipod 1.6
Is this caused by Tiger?


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