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Joined: 2007/5/26
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Posted on: 2007/5/26 23:54

Double songs
I uploaded a lot of songs to my new ipod using Yamipod. However there were some doubles in there.

I thought, yamipod would see this as it went along and wouldn't put the same song twice or three times on the ipod.

But, Lo and Behold, it did.

I found a doublesearch in the menu but after a few hours of searching it still wasn't halfway done - there are about 7500 songs on my ipod now.

Is there an easier way of doing stuff like this?

I want to end up with one copy of each song on my ipod. And with a few playlists, where some playlists are subsets of other playlists. Doing it manually would be very time-consuming, that's why I uploaded music and put the upload into a new playlist.

thnx in advance.

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