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Posted on: 2007/5/23 20:42

yamipod closes
hi, i have been using yamipod to change the file names of some of my songs. when i click save it saves the changes but then immediately closes. i open it again and the changes are saved but then i encounter this problem every time i change file names. does anyone know why? im usig vista if thats a clue. any help greatly appreciated, tristan.
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Posted on: 2007/7/6 7:51

Re: yamipod closes
It isn't just you, and I don't think it has anything to do with Vista. I'm using Windows XP Pro and I have the exact same problem. As soon as I click "SAVE" on the info window after changing anything. The program closes, no error message or anything, just closes. I reopen and I can see that it took the change I made, but as soon as I change something else and click "SAVE", same thing. Any Help?

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