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Posted on: 2007/5/13 18:55

Invalid iTunesDB
What does this error mean?
I don't know what to do to fix this.
I just recently got YamiPod, and the first time it worked well, but the second time I tried to connect my iPod, I got the error-message.

I have an iPod Shuffle (the new, small version).

I'd be grateful to get some help with this!!!

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Posted on: 2007/5/17 2:42

Re: Invalid iTunesDB
Try this pre release:

Win version

Mac version

Linux version


Posted on: 2007/5/17 23:53

Re: Invalid iTunesDB
I tried to use the pre release that you suggested, but that did'nt work either. I still have the same problem: when I try to start YamiPod it just says "iPod not connected - please plug in your iPod to continue"
I have no problem starting iTunes, but when I try to transfer songs, it kind of freezes, and after a minute or two, I get the message that my iPod "cannot be synchronized" and that iTunes was'nt able to "read from- or write to the disc"

Any other suggestion?

My iPod is brand new, and I'm so pissed of about not being able to use it!
(Just popping in)

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Posted on: 2009/12/25 3:36

Re: Invalid iTunesDB
This is happening to me too... what do I do?

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