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Posted on: 2007/5/8 10:36

Delete Problem
Hey, I'm currently using the latest YamiPod. I have a problem with deleting songs using Yamipod. Each time I right-click on a song, and select delete, a portion of my songs on my ipod would be deleted. Like it would highlite more songs than it has to. Please help me resolve this bug, thanks.
Posted on: 2007/5/9 21:41

Re: Delete Problem
I am having the same problem; it's not just you, unless we're both doing something wrong.

It's an incredibly annoying bug, and I'm looking for alternatives to Yami because of it.

EDIT: I've tried deleting the files by pressing the Del key, as opposed to using the right-click context menu, and it seems to be a work-around (so far; I've deleted 15 songs without any extras being selected)

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