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     Sync error on Ubuntu 6.10
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Posted on: 2007/3/13 22:00

Sync error on Ubuntu 6.10

I have about 500 songs on an ipod mini. I have used "Copy song to..." to get the songs off the ipod and into a folder on my PC. I used the format, Direct Copy and Artist - Album - Title. Yamipod crashes after copying the 45 song. If I restart and repeat the copy will then completes.

I then try to synchronise the songs on the PC with the ipod. A window pops-up showing "Analysing" and when this gets to 50-60% another, probably error message window pops-up, but it is blank and YamiPod has frozen and has to be killed. The following error appears in the terminal window before I attempt the synchronization.

--- snip ---

(YamiPod:9747): Gtk-CRITICAL **: _gtk_accel_group_attach: assertion `g_slist_find (accel_group->acceleratables, object) == NULL' failed

--- snip --

I have tried "Copy songs to" using the format, Artist/Album, Title. When I try and sync using this format I get to the Synchronize Resume window.

1. YamiPod crashes without any useful error message.
2. Synchronization of folder/Artist - Album - Title causes crash

What can I do to more info, eg logs etc?

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