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Synchronize Music


Currently only PC to iPod synchronization is implemented

This feature allows you to keep your iPod updated with the content of one or more folders. If you only need to copy some songs to iPod go here.
First of all you'll need to create a Location using the + button on top. iPod is a portable device so you probably will be using it in different places, each needing different settings. For example you could have 3 locations: Home, Girlfriend, Work.
Now you'll need to add folders you like to sync your iPod with. Do this by clicking the + button below the main listbox.

Before synchronizing you can choose some options:
It is recommended to keep Show resume before synchronizing always enabled.
if a folder in list appears in italic it means that YamiPod cannot find it. It has been probably removed or renamed and won't be synched
if a folder in list appears in bold it means that there are two or more playlists named in the same way, and that one of these is chosen to be synchronized with a folder.
YamiPod wouldn't know in which of them to put songs.

if you want some more information about songs in the resume window just double click and a tooltip will appear.