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Play Music


You can listen music on iPod while using YamiPod, accessing the Playback menu. Playback can be also controlled using the buttons on the bottom of main window, allowing you to change volume, set song position, shuffle list, show song lyrics along with the usual previous, next and play/pause controls.

Songs can either be:

If you assigned a lyric to a song you can choose to show it while playing with the Show Song Lyrics menuitem. This window will appear always on top of any other window, and can be minimized by clicking on it or closed by double clicking on it

If you've enqueued some songs you'll be able to acces Shuffle, Next, Previous and Playlist->Save Playback List... features. You can also use the buttons in the b
You can assign play actions to mouse double click.
See Preferences->Player.
The first item (Enqueue or Direct Play) depends on what you've set under Preferences->Player). Hold SHIFT and the other option will appear in Playback menu.