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Add/Edit News


This feature (available only for iPods bought after March 2003) let's you easily add news from internet as notes to your iPod (also known as RSS feeds). Some RSS feeds contain also audio files (also known as Podcasts).

Usage is quite simple, just press the + button and you'll be asked to enter the URL of the feed. Usually it's enough to write the domain (,, are some examples), but if this fails you may need to specify the complete URL. If more than one feed is available you'll be able to choose one.
Feed will be finally added to the main list. You can add as many feeds as you want. When done check which feeds you really want to upload to iPod and hit the Upload button.

Hitting the Upload button again will update the note if news have changed.

You'll be able to choose some options before starting the upload process:

If news aren't shown correctly in your language you'll probably need to enable Unicode support in lyrics and notes under Preferences->Others.