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FAQ - How to submit to


Open YamiPod's preferences. Preferences ->
Check the 'Submit tracks' check box and enter your username and password in YamiPod preferences. Remember to set also your timezone.
From now on every track played on iPod or in YamiPod will be submitted to Tracks played on iPod will be submitted on YamiPod's startup.

To correctly submit songs to you have to make sure that YamiPod is the first application that access your iPod when pluggin in your iPod. OTHERWISE SONGS TO SUBMIT WILL GET LOST!


  • You've set iTunes to start automatically when iPod is plugged in
  • If you're using Winamp's iPod plugin and Winamp is running when iPod is plugged in
  • and so on...

  • ADVANCED NOTES: If an internet connection isn't available on startup tracks to submit will be cached to be sent on next startup.
    You can see pending and sent tracks under Tools->Advanced-> From there if (AND ONLY IF) there are pending songs you'll be able to submit them with the send button that will be visible. If the pending list is empty then there are no songs to submit.