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FAQ - How do I get the FWID?


fwid is a 16 characters long string needed on new iPod models

  • Mac
  • Connect your iPod
    From the apple menu (top left of screen) select About this Mac and click More Info
    (optional) Select Mini Profile in the View menubar
    In the left column select Hardware and then USB
    In the USB Device Tree you should see your iPod listed, select it
    the FWID is the Serial Number listed in the lower box

  • Windows
  • If iTunes is installed FWID should be retrieved automatically.

    Otherwise (XP or newer only):
    Open the Control panel and got to Device manager
    Find your iPod in the list of devices (probably under hard drives) and double click it
    Go to Details tab and select Device Instance ID in the drop down box
    The FWID is the 16 digit number near the end of the string shown

  • Linux
  • Connect your iPod
    In terminal type sudo lsusb -v | grep -i Serial
    Look for your iPod device, the FWID should be the 16 character long string shown.